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Our Services

As a full service agency McGregor Tan Research offers the full range of qualitative and quantitative research services including:

  • Customer satisfaction and service quality surveys
  • Product development research
  • Communication and advertising concept testing
  • Website testing, and Internet based research
  • Mystery shopping and retail observation audits
  • Company and product brand market research 

  • Market segmentation studies
  • Industrial and commercial surveys
  • Branding and Corporate Identity research 

  • Shared cost omnibus surveys
  • Pricing studies
  • Employee Opinion and Organisational research 

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social and Community Research
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Retail trade catchment analysis
  • Tracking and longitudinal studies
  • Economic impact evaluation

Qualitative and Quantitative Expertise

Research can be considered as exploratory or confirmatory. In a simplistic sense, qualitative research tends to be exploratory and quantitative research confirmatory. The full range of qualitative and quantitative data collection tools are employed including:

  • focus groups, mini groups, and executive depth interviews
  • online panel surveys of consumers and businesses
  • door-to-door interviewing
  • CATI telephone interviewing (random general public, business samples, customer base surveys)
  • central location and store exit surveys
  • fax and mail surveys
  • audits and mystery shops
  • sensory studies
  • style clinics

In the area of qualitative research, a wide variety of techniques are used specific to the problem, and may involve analytical tools such as word association, projective imaging techniques, and themes and content analysis. In quantitative research McGregor Tan Research employs a range of statistical techniques including:

  • Multivariate analysis such as regression analysis to identify stated and revealed consumer preferences
  • Cluster analysis for market segmentation
  • Conjoint analysis, choice modelling for product development
  • Brand Perceptual mapping for strategic market positioning
  • Price Point analysis for determining optimal pricing strategies

The company has also developed in house proprietary segmentation models such as segmenting customer satisfaction on the basis of revenue generated to the organisation.


           Member of the Association of Market & Social Research Organisations