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Education Partners and Internship Program


Inaugural MGT Northern Territory Marketing Scholarship

McGregor Tan has worked in the Northern Territory for over 30 years and is excited to announce its inaugural MGT Northern Territory Marketing Scholarship program. In 2018 a program worth in excess of $10 000 will be launched which sees the sponsorship of an indigenous marketing or related business student to gain relevant work experience and mentoring in a real-life business environment.

The lucky student will have the opportunity to work at the internationally acclaimed Tour Down Under in January 2018, followed by hands-on experience on an NT based project later on in the year. Each month, the recipient will have a regular mentoring session finishing the year with $1,000 to spend on education related materials/ items.

Applications and nominations will open in October 2017 with the successful applicant awarded in November 2017.

For more details, please contact Lozanne Pretorius at +61 8 8981 5750 or

South Australian Internships

McGregor Tan partners with all major tertiary education institutions in South Australia offering students the opportunity to gain industry and professional work experience through our MGT Internship Program. Our program takes place in-house and generally runs from 4 - 6 weeks, depending on the intern’s area of study and outside commitments.

We believe that a multi-disciplinary team brings new insights, ideas and solutions to the table, therefore our program is not limited to those in market research, but supports students from various disciplines and at different stages of their education. We are proud of our commitment to foster young talent in South Australia.

Each intern is allocated real-life projects to work on, giving them true insight into the commercial realities of business. In 2016/2017 we hosted 3 interns and aim to host a new intern each quarter in the 2017/2018 financial year.

Currently, we have 3 interns on board across various disciplines (left to right):

Name: Catherine Violi
University: The University of South Australia
Area of Study: Bachelor of Business (Marketing) & Bachelor of Commerce

Name: Betelehem Dellelegn (“Betty”)
University: The University of Adelaide
Area of Study: Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Name: Claudia Watson
University: The University of Adelaide
Area of Study: Bachelor of Media (Major: Graphic Design)

We also currently host an entire team from the Carnegie Mellon University who are working on a PhD project in house.

Education Partners

  • University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Flinders University

For any enquiries regarding our internship program, please contact:
Lozanne Pretorius
Marketing and Corporate Services Manager
+61 8 8433 0200


           Member of the Association of Market & Social Research Organisations