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Website Testing and Search Engine Market Research

We can improve your website useability, content, navigability, accessibility and responsiveness by direct user experience methods.

We conduct search engine marketing research to help your customers to find you and choose you over your competitors.

Search engine market research is a crucial part of developing a site’s content and architecture so that search engines such as Google will rank it high in natural search results. In addition to scanning a site’s copy for keyword mentions, search engines catalogue how many other sites link to it. Web crawlers see these links as “votes of confidence” that the site has value.

Competitor intelligence is a crucial part of a successful SEM strategy.

We can analyse your main competitors to see what strategies your competition is using to get their traffic. We can show you their keyword rankings, see the value of their keywords and analyse content on their site. These strategies help you track your competition and get ideas for how to optimize your own site.

At McGregor Tan we do all the hard work to come up with keyword suggestions and keyword ranking. We can help you gauge how well a keyword will perform on your site.

Achieving quality backlinks is an important part of search engine market research. Backlinks work to establish trust in your website and build your site's quality. We can analyse the quality of your page's backlinks and allows you to see the backlink anchor text how they are working to drive traffic to your site.

Our ongoing research program will help new customers find you on the net consistently.



           Member of the Association of Market & Social Research Organisations